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After 18 years of quality service, our commitment is is to finding the right technology fit for you, our client. We take ownership and treat your systems as though they are our own.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

We provide an array of products and services in internet and voice circuits, telephony, security, storage, cloud technologies and more.

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problems we solve

Problems We Solve

Business leaders look to us for solutions when they have concerns around cost, security, performance, and data management.

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Industry Specialization

Industry Specialization

We specialize in and serve a variety of industries. Contact Us to se how we can best serve you!

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What Our Clients Say

Lake Norman Oncology

When they say they do 24-hour monitoring – they actually do, They detected an error in our system over the weekend and were at the office prior to us even knowing we had a problem. When they came on board, they reviewed all software and hardware to ensure our office of 40+ computers was functioning at maximum efficiency. They worked non-stop until we were updated to the optimum level and both they and we were 100% satisfied.

Peg B.
Practice Manager, Lake Norman Oncology
Carolina Surgical

When Carolina surgical Clinic was approached to pilot the Novant Community Connect Network my only condition was that I be able to use INCS for all of our IT needs. There is no way we could have met this task without their help. They stayed with me during the many walk-thrus, meetings, telephone conferences and email, With their keen knowledge crone cyber-world we were able to make decisions to accommodate the new software conservatively. Their work ethic is top notch and their personal approach makes INCS a standout among businesses. We are fortunate to have such a relationship and would recommend them highly.

Jacque G.
Clinic Manager, Carolina Surgical Clinic of Charlotte, PA
Southeastern Credit Union

I have used Innovative Network Computer Solutions at two different companies. Since my initial experience with INCS was excellent, I didn't hesitate to engage them at a subsequent company. They are very professional, timely, and offer easy to understand and implement solutions. We have used the firm for network management, systems design and intrusion/penetration testing and security. I highly recommend INCS for anyone seeking a great third party IT vendor.

Mike G.
CEO, Southeastern Federal Credit Union

Current Blog and News

Ransomware means HIPAA Violation

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services issues cybercrime guidance for HIPAA compliance Summary: Titled “Your Money or Your PHI: New Guidance on Ransomware,” the HHS Office of Civil Rights blog site points to an 8-page fact sheet to help healthcare entities better...
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Did the Carolina Panther’s Offense or Defense Get Them to the Super Bowl? How is this comparable to IT Security?

Defense Wins Championships Keep Pounding!! If you are a Carolina Panther football fan, you have heard this phrase all the way to Super Bowl 50.  Liken to most sports:  “a Great defense with a good offense will typically win the game”.  When it comes to IT security,...
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Computer Security: Bulls & the Bunnies

Computer Security: The Bulls and the Bunnies By: Brian Allison, December 29, 2015 When it comes to computer security, are you an angry Bull, ready to defend what’s yours, or more like a cute and defenseless Bunny? To find out, let’s explore the problem, and then...
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Ransomware: “Let’s Kidnap the Planet!”

Ransomware has become an industrialized, organized crime that is very wide spread and targets organizations of any size. For victims that are unprepared, they often feel they have no choice but to pay the ransom. See how these threats are commonly spread, and what to do in advance to protect your data.
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Corporate Data Security & Cloud Services

One of the worst things you can do as an employee is un-securely store your company’s corporate data on Cloud based systems. While it doesn’t seem to be the case considering how Cloud services advertise their ‘security’ and ‘data integration’ features, the fact is...
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