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  • Q. Who needs collaboration?
  • Q. What should be included in a collaboration app?
  • Q. Who are the players?
History of collaboration: First some background: 25 years ago, collaboration in technology was, for the most part, a manual process where people would use their existing audio conferencing and applications, sometimes over a WAN (Wide-Area Network), to work on projects together. This became easier when WebEx came out with a SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, allowing people to share a document from their PC in real time, and provide others with remote control ...
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Ransomware Report for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)

Ransomware Report for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB)
  • Downtime and data loss are more costly to the business than the ransom
  • More SMBs are reporting attacks to the authorities
  • Fewer SMBs are paying the ransom
  • Paying the ransom too often results in data remaining encrypted-the hostage is not released
  • Ransomware often remains in the victim’s network even after paying, leading to another attack
  • The arms race between security and ransomware continues, so data protection is essential
In their survey report of IT service providers to SMBs, the data protection company Datto finds that the threat of ransomware is ...
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Medical Providers boiling mad from Allscripts extended outage – update

Medical Providers boiling mad from Allscripts extended outage- update The outage was caused by a ransomware infection at NC data centers for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) cloud-based service. Without access to patient records, practices were shut down for days and kept in the dark. Brian Allison, Sales and Marketing Manager, INCS  Charlotte, NC.   June 1, 2018 This exchange was reported from the comments on the health info site HIStalk: ”Totally unacceptable that 48 hours later my practice is still down…”    Jorit Wijnmaalen, @SunCoastSeminar, Jan 19 “Agreed. Can’t access patient records AT ALL since (Jan 18).” Adrian Lloyd ...
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Microsoft Office 2019 is coming

Microsoft announced last year that there will be a successor to Office 2016, the current version of the popular office suite that is bought on a “perpetual license” basis, meaning there is one payment made at time of purchase, and the software doesn’t get updates. This contrasts with the Office 365 subscription version, which is paid for monthly and is regularly updated with new features for as long as the customer subscribes. The subscription model is popular as a component of Managed Service Plans offered by IT service companies, and is often bundled with Exchange Online for email service. This ...
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Cyberbiosecurity: Computers make malicious modification of DNA as easy as editing text

Aldous Huxley would recognize our brave new world. Like software engineers write code to create programs, genetic engineers can use code to create synthetic DNA. These genetic codes start as code on a computer, and that computer can be hacked. The end-result could be anything and everything – a super virus, new parasites, new germs, you name it. Worse, the practice is available and unregulated in parts of the world. Security and law enforcement are behind the curve. "The cyber-physical nature of biotechnology raises unprecedented security concerns," Researchers at Colorado State, VA Tech, and Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln published their research recently ...
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