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Corporate Data Security & Cloud Services

One of the worst things you can do as an employee is un-securely store your company’s corporate data on Cloud based systems. While it doesn’t seem to be the case considering how Cloud services advertise their ‘security’ and ‘data integration’ features, the fact is that as Cloud technologies are evolving, so is the threat landscape. Dropbox, for instance, has over 200 million users, and is seen as potentially the best Cloud platform. However, let us overview some of the risks involved when you store corporate data on Cloud services; such as Dropbox. Data Theft Lack of oversight can result in ...
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Battery Powered NVRAM and YOU

DDR4 is being dubbed as the latest innovation in dynamic memory whereas Viking Technology is optimizing server performance by implementing safety in primary memory storage. Viking has started to supply the memory modules, which combine the dynamic memory of DDR3/DDR4 and the flash memory of NAND to create a non-volatile RAM (NVDIMM). This persistent memory module will offer storage arrays and servers the benefit of storing active data, in case the systems they are using shut down or lose power (in case of power-fail). Viking Technology demonstrated the ArxCis-NV DIMM at the SNW Spring Conference that took place in ...
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Managed Services Explained

There is never a good time to get a virus on your server or workstation. Likewise, downtime for predictable hardware failures or conflicting software updates never happens at a convenient time. Generally, it's quite the opposite. You’re in a hurry to get that proposal out, or there’s a team of people you’re paying who are sitting around waiting while you call your IT support because you can’t print or access the files you need to move things forward. This is a fact of life for those who have not embraced the Managed Services Model in IT services delivery and it ...
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