What is the state of collaboration tools in our modern mobile-first work style?

Collaboration: the action of working with someone to produce or create something

Collaboration – is this just a fancy word for communication? Not in today’s world. Entrepreneurs, visionaries and geniuses are busy creating the next generation’s medical marvels, models and platforms, not to mention redefining everything from television to banking, security, transportation, communication – even the food we will eat.

Many experts agree that the future of technology is wireless and mobile, and in a Millennial’s world, the future is already here. Many of them do not want a telephone or a computer on their desks and prefer to work from their smartphone or tablet, anywhere they might be. The technology is here to allow it now. However, since we are not all digital-native Millennials, a useful technology must also allow people with desktops, laptops, desk phones and more to work in harmony while adapting to this style of work.

In the collaboration space, many companies have used services like WebEx, Skype and Go-To-Meeting. It is hard to believe but these technologies are now 20 years old. These old products are trying to adapt but it is not an easy task to make “older” technologies compete with modern ones. Some of the differences are things like:

  • Making them mobile and multi-platform friendly
  • Adding features and functionality that they were not originally designed to have
  • Taking advantage of modern technologies and development tools
  • Following them to easily interface with other popular apps
  • Operating with newer and cheaper pricing models

Collaboration has changed the way many companies do business over the past 20 years, but it has just been setting the stage for next generation technology. Besides being secure for compliance risks, platform independent and mobile ready, collaboration should include:

  • Group chat/messaging and file sharing
  • The ability to compress files, open files, view files, annotate files and manage files
  • Ability to play and record MP4 video clips on top of files and documents to share with third parties
  • Combining related project material and task management
  • Instant or scheduled on-line meetings with audio, video, screen sharing & remote desktop control and meeting recording.
  • Integration into third-party applications (i.e.: Dropbox, QuickBooks, Trello, e-mail, etc.)
Modern Collaboration

Moxtra Integrations

INCS can now offer this new collaboration technology through our global distribution agreement with Moxtra. Moxtra and our team have deep roots and experience in collaboration, starting in 1999 with WebEx. The world is now mobile-first, where we will continue to see companies moving from established and now antiquated technologies to new and modern collaboration tools and suites. There is much more to come. Reach out to INCS at 704-362-1682 for consultations and assistance when considering the implementation of new collaboration capabilities, and call for a free demo and trial of our mobile-first comprehensive Moxtra collaboration suite.